Hoofed animals, or ungulates, walk on the tips of their toes. Their hooves are made from the same material as fingernails and claws - keratin. Walking in this way makes their legs very long, and most ungulates are fast runners because of this. Another shared characteristic of hoofed animals is that they are herbivores with highly developed digestive systems, allowing them to feed on tough plant material.

Range: Iran, Afghanistan, Russia.

Habitat: Steppe, gorges, river margins.

Size: Body: about 6 1/2 ft (2 m); Tail: 16 3/4 in (42.5 cm).

The Onager has declined due to human settlement, competition for grazing from domestic livestock, and hunting. In summer, the onager lives in high grassland areas, feeding on many types of grass. It needs a good supply of fresh water to survive. Onagers live in troops of up to 12 females and their young, each led by a dominant male. Females give birth to a single young after a gestation period of about a year.