Smooth Fox Terrier

This was one of the first breeds to be entered in the dog show ring. Before then, this lively breed was known for its ability to drive foxes from holes and kill rats. Today, this dog is still always ready for adventure and has the reputation to be a chronic barker.


Height: 38-41 cm at the shoulder

Weight: 7-8 kg

Coat and Grooming

A short white coat with brown or black markings. Grooming is minimal. A weekly brush is necessary to remove dead hairs.


There are a few minor concerns with this breed. These include lens luxations, cataracts and shoulder dislocation. Deafness is also found sometimes in dogs with a lot of white colouring. Smooth Fox Terriers lives between 10-13 years.

Environment and Exercise

Despite its relatively small size, this terrier needs adequate space. At least a decent sized yard is needed to accommodate this highly energetic breed. Without daily exercise, this breed will become destructive.

Compatibility with Kids and other Pets

The mischievous Smooth Fox Terrier enjoys playing with children. This breed is usually alright with other dogs but caution should be taken with other pets. The breed's instinct is to hunt small animals.

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