Portuguese Podengo Pequeno

They have been used as small-game hunters in northern Portugal, capturing hares alone, or working in a pack to capture larger animals.


Known locally as the Podengo Portuguesa Pequeno, or simply the Podengo Pequeno, it has been used for many years to go to ground to flush out small game. It was specialized as a rabbit-hunter in rocky countryside. Alternative names include the Small Portuguese Hound, the Small Portuguese Rabbit Dog, the Small Portuguese Warren Hound, or the Portuguese Podengo Pequeno.

Because it is a miniaturized version of the typical Portuguese sighthounds, the Large Portuguese Podengo and the Medium Portuguese Podengo, this little dog is often classified alongside them as a hound, but its hunting role is clearly that of a typical terrier. Although it is a sighthound by ancestry, it has been reduced so much in size that it can no longer carry out its original chasing duties above ground and is now used exclusively as an earth dog. It goes to ground to flush out the prey – usually rabbits – while its bigger cousins wait above to pursue them as they break cover.


This tiny Portuguese Podengo Pequeno was developed by ‘shrinking’ the Medium Portuguese breed. Its height is only 12 in (30 cm) or less. Lacking the longer legs of its close relatives — it is 15 in (38 cm) shorter than the Large Podengo — this compact little dog has become a popular house pet, and has been seen on city streets in Portugal for at least three centuries. It exists in two coat types. One is short and hard and the other is wiry, shaggy and coarse.

The Portuguese Podengo Pequeno have a long tail held horizontally when the dog is still, slightly higher when on the move. Coat color ranges from yellow to dark.


Extremely active and very agile yet patient. It is reliable dog, and ever-alert guard dog, barking fiercely should strangers or unknown dogs approach.

Puppies and Training

The puppies, three to eight per litter, are easily delivered and are strong and easy to raise.

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