This pretty little dog is unusually confident for its size and often unfazed by larger breeds. The Pomeranian has a big personality and loves to play games and be involved in everything.


A type of tiny Spitz dog is depicted on Roman artefacts and there is evidence of its existence throughout Europe ever since. However, almost certainly the close relations of this minuscule dog are the much larger Nordic Spitz breeds, such as the Samoyed and Keeshond. It came to Britain from Pomerania, Germany, around 1870 in the form of the much bigger German Spitz, weighing 13.6kg (30lb). The British bred them much smaller and gave them their new name, and by 1896 they were down to 3.6kg (8lb). However, they did not become popular until Queen Victoria exhibited her own dog at The Kennel Club's show after which the breed's future was assured.

A wide range of coat colours is permissible for the Pomeranian, including cream, sable, white, brown, red and orange.


The Pomeranian is a happy and amusing little dog which is very fond of its family and given to being noisy unless it is trained otherwise. Full of vitality, energy and fun, Pomeranians are always anxious to involve themselves in family activities. However, they are docile with children who must take care not to be rough as the Pom's bones are very small and can get damaged easily.

Happy and vivacious, Pomeranians are good companions and fun dogs to own. They love to play games with their human family.

must know

This small breed is remarkably healthy but it can suffer from slipping patella.


This is a Lilliputian dog, a tiny round ball of fluff. The adult coat is abundant, thick and plush. All colours are permissible, including whole colours - white, black, brown, pale blue or vivid orange - and particoloured. Dogs weigh 1.8-2kg (4-4.5lb) whereas bitches are in the range 2-2.5kg (4.5-5.5lb). Poms have a large distinctive Spitztype ruff of fur.

Strangers 3/5

Will shout a warning

Temperament 4/5

A joyful, active and dynamic dog

Exercise 1/5

Running and playing in the garden

Grooming 5/5

Essential to brush the coat deeply daily

Other dogs 3/5

Being self confident, big dogs are no worry


An ideal pet for a busy urban family

General care

Running and playing in the garden is sufficient exercise for many Poms but they do enjoy an outing. Brush the coat deeply on a daily basis to prevent knotting and tangles, which form due to the plush thickness.

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