Polish Lowland Sheepdog

Found today throughout Europe as an ideal family pet and guard dog, this sheepdog has ancestral stock that was brought into Poland by the Phoenicians.


This shaggy-coated, medium-sized sheepdog is an ancient breed thought to have came from the Hungarian Puli and various Eastern European, mountain herders. For centuries it has been working on the Polish lowland plains, where its method of flock control is unusually gentle. More restrained than many other sheepdogs. It possesses a highly effective ‘sheepdog eye’ — an intense stare accompanied by a rigid body posture — that the sheep instantly respect and respond to. As a result of this technique, it makes a much better household companion dog than many other working sheepdogs.

Polish sailors were in the habit of taking some of these dogs with them on their travels and this helped to spread the breed abroad in earlier times. Over the years it would change and develop and give rise to several new breeds.

After World War II the Polish Lowland Sheepdog breed was nearly extinct, but a few breeders in remote rural districts managed to keep it alive.

Although it arrived in the United States, in very small numbers, in the 1970s, it did not reappear in Britain until 1985, when dog-breeder Megan Butler visited Poland, selected some high-quality stock and imported them to her English kennels, to start a serious breeding programme. Her success in this venture has already led to the dog being officially recognized by the Kennel Club in London.


The head is relatively wide, the nose is big and black, the wide drop ears, and the muzzle is strong. The Polish Lowland Sheepdog should have a thick, slightly wavy coat (a curly coat is not permissible) completely covering its body, especially around the forehead, cheeks, and jaws. Any color is acceptable.

In Poland it is known in three sizes, of which the medium one, called the Sredni, is of principal importance. It has a short tail, which traditionally may be docked. Some are said to be born naturally tailless. Its coat appears in all colours, but is usually white, white-and-black, white-and-grey, or grey.


The Polish Lowland Sheepdog is an alert, affectionate, bouncy, playful dog which is both intelligent and easily trainable.

Intelligent with a good memory, agile and diligent, and especially calm and gentle, this dog loves playing with children. An excellent sheepdog, the Polish lowland sheepdog's gentle nature also makes it a favorite companion dog. As its reputation spreads, the number of Polish lowland sheepdogs increases.

Care and Exercise

To prevent matting, the coat should be brushed frequently, at least once every two days. Quite self-controlled, the dog readily adapts to any exercise routine.

Puppies and Training

If any of the litter of four to eight relatively strong puppies is born with a tail, it should be completely docked early. A sufficiently nutritious diet should be given to promote growth once the puppies begin feeding. Grooming should be started early to get them used to brushes and combs. This dog's excellent memory facilitates easy training.

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