Parson Russell Terrier

A decedent of the Fox Terrier, this breed is even more active and playful than its predecessor. This dog is named after its creator, Parson Jack Russell, an Englishman in the 1800s who was obsessed with finding the perfect fox hunter. This breed suits active people only.


Height: 25-31 cm at the shoulder

Weight: 5-6 kg

Coat and Grooming

A white coat with brown, black or tan markings. There are three coat textures: smooth, broken and rough. They all require a weekly brushing. The broken and rough coat also needs to be stripped occasionally.


Lens luxations and patellar luxations are minor concerns. This breed is also susceptible to eye disease and deafness. Nonetheless, this is a hardy breed and can live for more than 15 years.

Environment and Exercise

This is no apartment dog. A medium sized yard is recommended for this active breed. The Parson Russell Terrier needs a long daily walk, energetic game or training session each day. This is not a breed which will be content to sit outside alone all day.

Compatibility with Kids and other Pets

A well-socialized Parson Russell Terrier will do very well with gentle children. This breed does not get along well with strange dogs and should not be trusted with other, smaller pets.

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