Miniature Poodle

The Poodle has been a circus ring favourite and can perform tricks like 110 other. This breed has plenty of energy to burn. There are three sizes of Poodle and the Miniature is sandwiched between the larger Standard and smaller Toy.


Height: 28-37 cm at the shoulder

Weight: 8-9 kg

Coat and Grooming

The medium-long coat conies in solid white, cream, brown, apricot, black, silver and blue. The coat does not shed and will therefore need clipping every 4-8 weeks. Depending 011 the dog's length of hair grooming may be required as often as every day or as little as once a week.


The Mini has been known to suffer from patellar luxations and eye problems.

Lifespan is generally 12-15 years.

Environment and Exercise

Minis suits indoor life but would still appreciate having access to a yard. A moderate walk and obedience session a day will keep the dog's mind and body active. This breed is also good at agility and thrives on games.

Compatibility with Kids and other Pets

Most get along with children fairly well, especially when they were raised with them from puppyhood. They also really like the company of other dogs and pets.

Gallery of Miniature Poodle