Golden Retriever

These excellent retrievers have a soft mouth and good nose for finding lost game. They are easily trained to become all-purpose gundogs and work with enthusiasm, braving the thickest cover and coldest water. Their versatility and intelligence also make them great guide dogs for the blind and assistance dogs for the disabled.


In 1825, Lord Tweedmouth mated his "Yellow" Retriever to a Tweed Water Spaniel (now extinct). One of the resulting progeny was mated to another Tweed Water Spaniel, the progeny of which was mated back again. It is rumoured that a Bloodhound was added, together with a Sheepdog from a troupe of performing Russian circus dogs, with which his Lordship became enamoured and bought. And thus today's Golden Retriever evolved.

The Golden Retriever is a great family pet and working dog.


This is a gentle, biddable dog. which is highly intelligent and capable of combining the best working qualities with those of a near perfect pet. Delightful family dogs, Golden Retrievers are happy to become a working gundog for the father, an elegant companion and an affectionate playmate.

must know

Unfortunately, these retrievers can suffer from hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia and some eye problems. So only buy from tested stock and check with the breeder in advance.


A medium-sized dog, the Golden Retriever is strongly built and muscular with a gentle, loving expression in the eyes. The coat is dense with good feathering and a water-resistant undercoat. The colour varies from a cream to a rich, lustrous gold. Dogs are 56-61cm (22-24in) in height, whereas bitches are slightly smaller at 51-56cm (20-22in).

Strangers 3/5

Will warn of approach but no aggression

Temperament 5/5

A gentle and kindly disposition

Exercise 5/5

Can never have enough

Grooming 2/5

Twice-weekly brush and comb

Other dogs 4/5



A great companion

General care

The Golden Retriever needs frequent exercise - at least twice a day with lead walking and free running-and plenty of mental stimulation. The retrieving instinct is strong and these dogs love to carry toys and other items and need an outlet for this instinctive behaviour. Owners should play retrieving games with their dogs, throwing a ball, or hiding their toys and encouraging them to hunt for them. They excel at activities such as Obedience and Flyball, and should be brushed and combed at least twice a week to rid the coat of dead hairs, and dirt and tansies from the feathering.

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