German Shorthaired Pointer

German hunters have a penchant for this powerful all-round gundog, which is capable of doing all three main tasks, making it a prime example of the genie – a Hunt. Point and Retrieve Gundog. It is often said in Germany: "If a German Shorthaired Pointer cannot find it, it is not there".


This breed is an example of a designer dog. Up until the seventeenth century, the German Pointer was a heavy, slow dog known as a "bird dog". From 1870. great efforts were made by the Deutsche-Kurzhaar Verband, the German breed club, to produce the best possible gundog in both looks and efficiency. Using a variety of breeds, including the old Spanish, Wurttemberg and English Pointers with fast breeds from Scandinavia, they created and genetically fixed one of the great working gundogs.

These handsome dogs have boundless energy and demand a lot of exercise and free running.


Generally happy and even-tempered, the German Shorthaired Pointer is not aggressive to other dogs. It has a kindly disposition towards children but should be kept away from small ones - big and bouncy, it might hurt them accidentally. Boisterous until three years old. this loyal, affectionate dog is devoted to its family but needs to be well trained.

must know

A trained Hunt, Point and Retrieve dog will hunt, follow a blood trail, quarter the ground and point and retrieve over any terrain as well as in water.


A medium-sized dog of sculptured appearance, when fit this dog's muscles should be well defined. The colour can be solid liver, liver with white spots and ticked, solid black or black and white spots, also ticked. The coat is short, flat and harsh to the touch. Doss are 58-64cm (23-25in) in height while bitches are 5359cm (21-23m).

Strangers 3/5

Will warn loudly but not aggressive

Temperament 4/5

Gentle and affectionate

Exercise 5/5

This dog will take as much as you can give

Grooming 2/5


Other dogs 5/5

Friendly and sociable


Good all-round gundog and a gentle pet

General care

A breed as energetic as this one needs plenty of exercise, physical and mental. Without both, these dogs can become bored and even destructive. Best of all, a few clays work in the shooting field will do them a power of good. They require training from a young age and. apart from natural field work, enjoy Agility or Flyball. Grooming is minimal - a rub over with a hound glove once or twice a week keeps the coat looking good (once daily when moulting). Do not feed a pet dog too much as they will incline to fat: more food is required if the dog is working. This is generally a healthy dog but there is a small amount of hip dysplasia in some lines.

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