Collies possess a unique protective instinct for which they have been useful as herding dogs for many years. They tend to be nervous by nature and require frequent comforting and assurance from their owners.


They are among the larger dog breeds because they can grow to a height of 26 inches at the most and can weigh up to 80 lbs. At the same time, collies make excellent family dogs and are comfortable staying indoors although they need large spaces.

They are strong animals as well as being notable for their beautiful bodies. They possess almond-shaped eyes and upright ears that indicate vigilance and watchfulness. Collies have a beautiful coat with warm hues, but the texture can vary from dog to dog. Normally, smoother coats are more difficult to maintain than coarser coats. Breed require less frequent brushing than other breeds, and those with rough coats may do well with even less. While brushing, take care to remove any tangles since collies have long hair. Also, be watchful of skin damage near the eyes, ears, face and on the legs.


Collies love company and they make great family dogs. They are capable of responding to affection and are equally at ease indoors and outdoors. If you choose to place your dog outdoors, you will find it to be a dedicated watchdog never letting an opportunity slip by to let you know about an intruder on the grounds.

When you bring a collie into your family, you can expect to be as attentive to it as a parent is. They tend to have a mind of their own and they frequently get into mischief when they are young. You can get them to behave well by providing behavior training. This will also help to keep them off the household furniture and reduce the problem of cleaning up dog hair that they shed frequently.

General care

Health problems can be a frequent issue with collies, although most of their health problems are eye problems. They commonly experience progressive retinal atrophy, which unfortunately leads to blindness. However, most of the time, your dog is likely to get into fixes because of their own mischievous antics and nervous behavior. When driving with a collie, keep the windows raised because they have a habit of jumping out of open car windows.

Collies are voracious eaters and they gain appreciable weight in no time. Therefore, you need to be prepared to allocate a significant budget to dog food. In addition, you must provide many opportunities for exercise to your dog to help them burn away the excess calories; otherwise, they could gain a lot of weight and contract disease.

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