Totally unaware of their diminutive size, Chihuahuas really do believe themselves to be Mastiffs in heavy disguise. However, these feisty little dogs make extremely loyal pets and they enjoy family life and human company.


Experts are baffled as to the real origins of this tiny dog. Americans discovered the breed in Chihuahua State. Mexico, and thought it was Mexican, but there is 110 evidence to support this. Some believe the ancient Toltecs bred them, others that they were sacred dogs of the Aztecs but. again, there is 110 evidence. Interestingly, some European breeds resemble them closely, especially the Portuguese Podengo and the Maltese Kelb Та But (pocket dog). In 1519. the Spanish Conquistador Coites conquered the Aztecs and it may be the case that his forces took little companion dogs with them, who became the ancestors of the modem-day Chihuahua.

The smooth-haired Chihuahua is a dainty little dog. Affectionate and blight, it makes the perfect companion and family pet.


Intelligent and easy to live with. Chihuahuas' only work is to be amusing companions. Most people keep more than one as they live together easily and share their home with cats and other pets. Care must be exercised when children handle them as their bones are so small. They adore being fussed over.

must know

This breed can suffer from slipping patella and some heart murmurs.


Tiny, dainty and active. Chihuahuas may be smooth-coatecl or long­haired in any colour or mixture. It can weigh up to 2.7kg (61b) although the preferred weight is in the range 1-1.8kg (2-41b).

Strangers 4/5

Will warn of approach of strangers

Temperament 3/5

Very affectionate, active and a bit feisty

Exercise 2/5

A daily walk with plenty of play

Grooming 2/5

Brush and comb long coats twice weekly; minimal for short coats

Other dogs 2/5

No problems, quite sociable


Ideal for the elderly

General care

The smooth-coated variety needs minimal grooming, but the long­haired variety should be brushed and combed lightly twice weekly. Active and athletic, the Chihuahua does not need excessive exercise but it loves a walk and to play in the garden.

The long-haired Chihuahua will need regular grooming twice a week to keep the coat looking good with a soft texture.

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