Canaan Dog


Intelligent, peaceful and faithful, the Canaan Dog is generally biddable and obedient. He loves work and does best when give a daily job. His shepherd roots manifest when he tries to herd children. The Canaan is highly protective of his family and is reserved, even suspicious, with strangers. He usually gets along well with other dogs and pets in the household. Watchful and alert, he is an ideal guardian, although some tend to bark a lot.

General care

Leisurely resting by the fireplace or snoozing away on a rainy day is not for the Canaan Dog. He is a workaholic that requires a strenuous physical and mental workout. A long walk followed by an off-lead sprint in the open area, an ample game coupled with a challenging training session or a herding task are necessary to keep the body and mind of the Canaan in shape. Coat care includes weekly brushing or combing.

Gallery of Canaan Dog