Brittany Dog

The intelligent Brittany is a versatile Hunt. Point and Retrieve (HPR) Gundog. Thus it will hunt like a hound, quarter the area, point like a Pointer and will retrieve on land or water.


Some authorities date this dog back to 150AD with a mention by the poet Oppien, but it is a tenuous link. Its known history starts in the nineteenth century, when it was fashionable for sporting aristocrats to go to Brittany in France to shoot partridge and snipe. They took their own Gundogs, including Pointers and English and Gordon Setters, which they often left behind to use the following season. The French mated them to their own extremely spirited Spaniel, the Forgeres.

By 1900. the Brittany Spaniel, as it was known, was well established: it had a superb sense of smell, was inexhaustible, extremely brave in the face of harsh conditions and very biddable.

The Brittany needs careful handling as it can be sensitive and quite shy with strangers.


This breed is extremely sensitive and it must have early socialization or it can be people shy. The Brittany is an energetic dog and it hates being left alone for long periods: thus some dogs will express their frustration by whining, barking and indulging in destructive behaviour. These dogs are fond of children, very affectionate and love to be part of all family activities. They excel at Obedience. Agility and Flyball, and are always eager to please, making them good family pets as well as gundogs.

must know

There is evidence of hip dysplasia, epilepsy and patella luxation in the Brittany, all of which are being monitored. Contact The Kennel Club or breed club for advice.


A square-built, muscular dog. the Brittany is taller than most other spaniels. It has a flatfish, dense coat in orange and white, liver and white, black and white, tricolour or roan of any of these colours. Dogs are 48-50cm (19-20in) in height while bitches are 47-49cm (18-19in).

Strangers 3/5

Will bark warnings but is not aggressive

Temperament 5/5

Very sensitive, friendly and eager to please

Exercise 5/5

Cannot give enough; needs play and free running

Grooming 3/5

Three times a week; more when moulting

Other dogs 3/5



Versatile gundog and gentle family pet

General care

Good walks with free running and games in the garden are essential for the pet Brittany. Deep grooming three times a week will keep the coat tangle free. Combing every day during the twice-annual moult will prevent the annoyance of having hair everywhere. This dog needs good nutritious food, and more than usual when it is working.

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