The Boxer is a German manufactured breed derived from the ancient Mastiff-style dog that accompanied the Roman legions across Europe. Like several other big breeds, it has, in its lineage, the blood of the Bullenbeiser – dogs bred for bull baiting.


Once they are over the puppy stages. Boxers are easily trained for all manner of security work. The breed is used in Europe as a police dog where its muscular, hard body can stop a criminal in his tracks. Armed forces make use of its determination and confident attitude. The Boxer's aggressive appearance often warns off wrong-doers, but this dog is not a biter and its looks belie its soft nature.

Boxer puppies can be extremely energetic and exuberant. They are easily socialized and trained.


Bred to be a companion, guard and show dog, the Boxer's intelligence and brightness of spirit endear it to most nationalities. It is an alert house guard with a booming voice, but although it is suspicious of strangers it is never vicious. As a member of a family, the Boxer is truly a fun dog, very affectionate and loyal to the end.

must know

There is some hip dysplasia but serious heart problems exist. Buy only from reputable breeders who test their stock. There is also some deafness in white dogs.


This dog has a superb athletic body, rippling with muscles, on powerful legs with cat-like feet. It is of medium size with a short, glossy coat in fawn shades, from light to deer red, or distinct brindle stripes. White is allowed but not exceeding one-third of the base colour. Dogs are 57-63cm (22.5-25in) high whereas bitches are slightly smaller.

The powerful-looking Boxer's aggressive appearance belies its soft, affectionate nature.

Strangers 4/5

A serious guard

Temperament 4/5

Good natured but boisterous without aggression

Exercise 5/5

Must have plenty

Grooming 1/5

Weekly brushing

Other dogs 4/5

Easy going


The right dog for the right family

General care

The Boxer can be boisterous and exuberant and it should be trained kindly not to jump up on visitors or the people or children whom it loves. Natural athletes, all Boxers need plenty of lead walking, activity, free running and play. Minimal grooming is required: a weekly brushing will remove any dead hairs from the short coat, which should then be polished with a chamois leather or hound dove.

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