Boston Terrier

Although this dog may be relatively small in stature, it more than makes up for this in its character. Lively and determined, the strong-willed Boston Terrier is easily recognizable with its distinctive pricked ears and large expressive eyes.


Around 1865 in Cotter's tavern in Charles Street. Boston, USA, coach drivers, stable men and ostlers used to gather together whilst their masters were attending functions. They wondered what the result would be if they mated together some of the fine imported pedigree dogs belonging to the gentry together. Thus Bulldogs were mated to Bull Terriers and then to Pit Bull Terriers, and the result was a fighting dog weighing up to 27kg (601b). The Boston Terrier's strange beauty was recognized and then selectively bred to create a smaller dog. In 1891, the breeders formed a club and created a Standard, and the Boston Terrier is now one of America's favourite dogs.

Boston Terriers make good companions as they are easy-going and fun-loving dogs.


An amiable, docile dog. the highly intelligent Boston Terrier is easily trained, full of character and a good guard dog. Although it is now just a well-behaved house pet, it was bred originally as a fighting dog. A boisterous dog, the Boston Terrier is full of fun with a penchant for playing with toys.

must know

Only buy a puppy from eve-tested parents. There is some slipping patella in this breed.


A muscular, small, square dog. the Boston Terrier has a big head and a short muzzle. His large "bat ears" are his trademark. The coat colour should be brindle with white markings for preference, but black with white is acceptable. Dogs come in three sizes: from below 6.8kg (15lb) to 11.4kg (25lb).

The Boston Terrier's large ears are held erect and the eyes have an alert but gentle expression.

Strangers 4/5

Very good guard; the "bat ears" miss nothing

Temperament 4/5

A tractable dog, happy and friendly

Exercise 3/5

A couple of walks a day and a bit of play

Grooming 1/5

Just a weekly brush and take care of the eyes

Other dogs 3/5

A non-aggressive dog; never seeks trouble


An easy-going character bringing pleasure

General care

Hardly any grooming is required for this dog – just a soft brush and polish once a week. Two or three good walks a clay together with some free running and playtime in the garden are all the exercise a Boston Terrier needs. The prominent eyes are easily damaged, so keep the dog out of bushes.

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