Bichon Frise

This elegant little dog has an affectionate nature and bonds very strongly with its owner. Although small, the Bichon Frise is very spirited and loves to play games. It is an ideal canine companion with an undiminished ability to perform tricks.


This is a breed of antiquity stemming from the Barbet оf the Mediterranean region from which four breeds emerged: the Bichon Maltaise, Bichon Bolognese, Bichon Havanese and Bichon Teneriffe. The latter breed was adopted by fourteenth-century Italian and Spanish nobility and thence the French court. King Henri III (1547-1589) was so enamoured of them that he carried them in baskets attached to ribbons round his neck. However, the breed went out of favour in the late 1800s, reverting to "commoner" status and was extensively used by circus performers and street musicians due to their lively intelligence. Eventually recognized by the French in 1934. it was given its name, Bichon a Poil Frise, or "Bichon of the Curly Coat".

Bichon Frise puppies are very vivacious and love to play games.


This little dog has a lively, kind nature and is extremely faithful, following its favourite person like a white shadow. A happy, friendly breed without vices, the Bichon Frise is boisterous with a sense of humour, quick to learn and inventive.

must know

There are some eye problems under investigation within this breed. Legge Perthes disease and slipping patella also exist.


This is a small dog with silky, corkscrewing curls, which are always white in colour. When trimmed correctly, the Bichon has a rounded aspect with the black of the eyes and nose contrasting vividly. Ideally, dogs are 23-28cm (9-11in) in height.

Bichons should have a black nose and really dark, round eyes.

Strangers 1/5

Will warn but not a guard dog

Temperament 5/5

Happy, friendly, active

Exercise 3/5

Needs plenty to keep calm and happy

Grooming 5/5

A deep brushing daily and a monthly bath

Other dogs 1/5

No worries


An ideal gentle dog

General care

Because of their enthusiasm, these dogs do need plenty of walks and things to do. such as interactive play in the garden. Their coat must have attention on a daily basis, otherwise it tangles and knots easily and may smell. If wished, however, it can be kept short in a "puppy cut".

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