Australian Terrier

Quieter than your average terrier, the Australian Terrier makes a top watchdog. This courageous breed was originally developed to help early Australian settlers control rodent and snake numbers. This breed has remained a faithful companion but is inclined to dig up backyards.


Height: 23-28 cm at the shoulder

Weight: 6 kg

Coat and Grooming

The Aussie comes in blue and tan. They are also seen in red and sandy with a topknot of a lighter shade. It has a harsh, straight dense topcoat and a soft, straight undercoat. The water-proof coat needs brushing a couple times a week. Also, twice a year it is recommended that this breed have its coat stripped.


A hardy breed with no real health concerns. Can live for 15 years or more.

Environment and Exercise

This breed is fine as a house dog. Exercise is important to this energetic dog so be prepared to take this dog for a daily outing. The Aussie is best kept 011 a lead so it can't chase small animals.

Compatibility with Kids and other Pets

The Australian Terrier is happy to be a child's playmate as long as they refrain from teasing. They are reasonably friendly with other dogs and pets.

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