American Water Spaniel

Breed Facts

Country of Origin: United States

Height: 15-18 in (38-45-5 cm)

Weight: Males 28-45 lb (12.5-20.5 kg)/females 25-40 lb (11.5-18 kg)

Coat: Double coat with outercoat that varies from uniformly wavy to closely curled and dense, weather-resistant undercoat

Colors: Dark chocolate, liver; also solid brown [AKC][FCI]

Registries (With Group): AKC (Sporting); CKC (Sporting); FCI (Water Dogs); КС (Gundog); UKC (Gun Dog)

History and Personality

The American Water Spaniel is descended from water dogs and spaniels who accompanied immigrants and settlers to the United States. The breed was used as a jump-shooting retriever, and the dog would retrieve the ducks whether they fell on land or in the water. Although this breed is rare, it still enjoys moderate but steady favor among hunters and as family pets.

This charming dog is happy, energetic, and trainable, and most love to work the field or waterways. He tends to bark quite a bit.

Exercise, Training, Grooming, and Health
  • The American Water Spaniel is happiest with several outings a day, especially if they are to areas where he can use his hunting instincts. An athletic and energetic dog, he will also enjoy other activities —as long as they involve time spent with his owner.
  • Eager to please, training the American Water Spaniel is easy and enjoyable. Lessons should be positive and motivational, and if they are, he will be quick to learn and sure to respond.
  • The curly double coat requires routine brushing and occasional trimming to keep it clean and neat. His long, furry ears make him susceptible to ear infections and should be cleaned regularly.

Average life span is 10 to 12 years. Breed health concerns include diabetes; epilepsy; eye problems; heart problems; hip dysplasia; and hypothyroidism.

Gallery of American Water Spaniel