Afghan Hound

One of the great sights in the canine world is an Afghan Hound running at speed; its smooth action surrounded by a moving cloud of silken hair has to be seen to be believed. This great sight hound is one of the most glamorous of all the dog breeds.


Like so many ancient breeds, the origins of the Afghan Hound are a matter of guesswork and conjecture. Some canophilists believe that they lie in ancient Egypt, but most think they came from the remote mountain areas of Afghanistan circa 2,000BC. Afghan Hounds hunt by sight, and were developed to hunt deer, gazelles, wolves and snow leopards. They were also farmers' guard dogs, ensuring the security of sheep and cattle.

Afghan Hounds were virtually unheard of in Britain until the 1890s when they were brought home by soldiers fighting on the frontier of India and Afghanistan. They more or less disappeared until the 1920s when interest in the breed revived and they became popular show-dogs.


Paradoxically, this breed appears aloof and arrogant but. if properly trained and socialized, they are very happy, playful dogs. Being pack dogs, they do not like being left alone, and if this happens they can be destructive. They are delightful with children, although care should be exercised around toddlers. Inside the home, they are quiet, but outside they are the very demons of action.

must know

There are some rare genetic anomalies in this breed, so potential buyers should always check these out with recognized breeders and The Kennel Club.


Perhaps the most elegant of all the hounds, the Afghan has a profuse silky coat, which can be in any colour. When standing. Afghans exhibit a long neck with a proud carriage of the head. The tail has a ring at the end. Male dogs are 68-74cm (27-29in) tall, whereas bitches are 63-69cm (25-27in).

Strangers 5/5

Aloof, suspicious, will warn

Temperament 4/5

Happy, playful

Exercise 5/5


Grooming 4/5

Three times a week

Other dogs 3/5



Independent, intelligent and affectionate

General care

The coat is the Afghan Hound's crowning glory, but to maintain it in good condition and prevent tangles it needs combing at least three times a week and bathing with a special canine shampoo every month because it picks up dirt when exercising outside. Being natural athletes, these dogs need to be fed highly-nutritious food in the correct amounts as well as plenty of exercise. Ideally, they love to be with their owners inside the home.

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