Affenpinscher’s get along with other dogs and pets, there active, adventurous, curious, fearless, earnest, fun living; loyal dogs that enjoy family life. The Affenpinscher is not a common breed by some estimates there are less than 500 of them in the United States.


The breed is very old, originating in central Europe the Affenpinscher type was well known as early as the seventeen hundred’s. Germany is believed to be the precise country of origin and the German name Affenpinscher or a monkey-like terrier is the name that has stuck. In France the breed is known as the mustache little devil. This name are important clues to the breeds characteristic look and personality. The often was originally a stable dog because induce himself to humans and can be a great watchdog. He was often brought into the house. He has never lost his self-assuredness and ferociousness toward invaders.


When evaluating an Affenpinscher there are characteristics that are absolutely essential. The first is general appearance. The Affenpinscher general appearance is probably more important that any single point – he’s small, but not delicate. The standard speaks of a comic seriousness that is a central to this breed. It’s been said that although he’s been bred down from a larger dog, the Affenpinscher doesn’t know it. Is generally very quit unless attacked and then is fearless toward any aggressor.

The second major factor is the facial expression. It is the expression that gives the Affenpinscher his name. The Round eyes, the whiskers and the hair sticking away from the face resemble a monkey. Proportion and size are very important. The Affenpinscher as about as tall at a withers as he is long from the point of the shoulders to the point of the buttocks, giving a square stance. Females may be slightly longer.


The height at the withers is 9-11½ in; 10¼ in being the ideal.


They are small dogs with a weight of approximately 3 or 4 kg.


Grey, black, silver, red, black and ten.

Life expectancy

Ranges between 10-12 years.

General appearance and facial expression are important, but all things being equal, the breed should remain small.


You should be grooming it once every six to nine weeks.

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