Sphynx Cat

It's a fallacy that the Sphynx is a bald cat. It has a soft, downy coat that feels rather like the surface of a peach or a piece of soft chamois leather. This unusual cat has the most remarkable, fun-loving personality.

With its unique hairless skin, this breed of cat has come a long way and is one of the best cat breeds to have at home as a pet, in case you are fond of a cat that likes to show off.

Although not all that popular with many cat lovers, the Sphynx cat is a favourite pet for some, who are used to other cat breeds and prefer having a totally different and unique cat breed. There are indeed Sphynx cat clubs established by dedicated Sphynx cat lovers across the world, clubs that have set out to promote and preserve the breed for posterity. Furthermore, different cat registries across the world have set Sphynx cat standards that all Sphynx cat breeders must stick to.


In 1966 a nearly hairless kitten was born to a Canadian domestic cat. Although the U.S. recognized the Sphynx in 1971, its popularity dwindled. Meanwhile, interest was growing in Europe, particularly France and Holland.

This led to a new Sphynx breeding program and today it is popular throughout the U.S. and most of Europe, with a dedicated, small band of breeders campaigning for recognition of its status in Britain.


Your first impression of the Sphynx cat is that of a Chihuahua, the small Mexican dog. You also notice its hairless body although it is not entirely hairless. Any cat that appears hairless is however not a Sphynx cat. There are distinctive features and standards set by different cat organizations around the world that separate this breed from others that do also lack hair on their skin. Apart from seemingly lack of hair, a pure-bred (pedigree) Sphynx cat is robust, medium in size and strongly built.

The skull itself is rounded, although the front part near the ears look like a flat plane. It also features a straight nose. This breed of cat has large and wide ears. The eyes are distinctively large.

The cat features a body that is appears hard and powerful. Both the chest and abdomen remain broad. Legs are muscles and very strong. The tail is characteristically long and slender.

As earlier indicated, Sphynx cat’s coat appears hairless. The coat is however normally covered with extremely short fur. The area near the muzzle is in most cases wrinkled. Interestingly, the coat can be patterned in any colour.

Although the Sphynx cat lacks hair, it still has colour. The cat can indeed exhibit different colours just in the same way that a hairy cat does. Note that colour on the coat is the colour that would have been on the hair. A Sphynx cat can be black, cream, lavender, fawn, red or blue with colour patterns.

The Sphynx is a medium-sized cat. While males weigh between 4 - 5 kg (8 - 11 lbs), females weigh between 3 - 4kg (6 - 8 lbs). Unlike most cat breeds that do not need high calorie intake, Sphynx cats require high calorie intake to keep warm.

Origin: Canada

Grooming: 1/5

Activity: 3/5

GCCF Group: unrecognized


Its personality combines that of a cat and a dog to create a cat that you would love to have. This breed has a unique craving for human and attention. It is a very sociable and affectionate cat that will follow you wherever you go within the house.

The Sphynx cat is very smart and loves to play tricks. In addition, it likes to show off its skills especially in the presence of strangers. Unlike most breeds of cats that prefer to sit on your lap, the Sphynx will prefer sitting on your shoulder to be carried wherever you go in the house. The cat will normally appear to be talking to you by chattering happily from where it sits on your shoulder and will seem to be answering you back whenever you say anything.

A graceful and elegant breed, the Sphynx cat may not have much to show in the fur department, but it is a breed with personality — plus!

Suitability as a pet

This breed requires no grooming, but must be protected with sun block if it goes out in the sun. It enjoys the company of its owners and other pets. With little fur, it has less dander (flakes of skin similar to dandruff) —ideal for the allergic cat lover.

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