Snowshoe Cat

The Snowshoe Cat is best known for its all white paws and striking white nose. It considered a rare breed not commonly found in the USA. It loves small children and adults. A rare breed developed in the U.S., the attractively patterned Snowshoe has a small but growing and dedicated following.


The first Snowshoes were the result of crossing a Siamese with a Bi-color American Shorthair. In 1960s, when a Philadelphia cat gave birth to a strange litter of kittens. This strange little litter was crossbred with the common American Short Hair and history was born. Mating one of these kittens back to a Siamese gave a shorthaired, blue-eyed litter with Siamese points and the trademark white “boots." A campaign was subsequently established to develop and promote the breed and in the 1980s the Snowshoe was granted championship status.

One common trait in all Snowshoe Cats is its V-shaped nose and beautiful blue eyes.


Combining the graceful shape and color pattern of the Siamese with the muscularity of the American Shorthair, the Snowshoe is an elegant, medium-to-large-sized breed. The short coats have a paler body color than the points and are recognized in all colors accepted for the Siamese. The head is a moderate wedge, never as extreme as the Siameses, and—for perfection—there should be an inverted "V" of white from the bridge of the nose to between the eyes.

Origin: U.S.A.

Grooming: 2/5

Activity: 3/5

GCCF Group: unrecognized


Overall this breed of cat is healthy, but may have problems with their teeth. Health problem can easily be avoided by cleaning the teeth and regular vet visits.


Intelligent, inquisitive, friendly and athletic, the Snowshoe is a sweet-natured breed that combines the best personality traits from its ancestors — the extrovert, outgoing Siamese and the laidback Shorthair. An excellent recipe for the perfect pet.

They are very vocal and also very smart. They are one of the rare breeds who enjoy a nice swim from time to time.

This kitty will start to show behavioral issues if left alone at home for long time. Give this kitty lots of attention and love and it will return your affection in kind.

The Lilac Snowshoe is one of the paler colors.

General Care

If you dislike having to clean up after a cat that sheds, then this cat is for you. These cats do not shed or need much grooming. Their coats are medium to short hair in length with a slight undercoat. They do need a lot of attention and are not great for families that are out all day or work long hours.

Suitability as a pet

A companionable breed that would suit almost any household, the Snowshoe seems to adapt to any domestic situation and enjoys the company of humans, cats and other pets alike.

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