Ragamuffin Cat

The Ragamuffin Cat is a very mellow cat. It is large weighing up to 20 pounds (9 kilos) and often compared to a small dog. They are a strong muscular cat that can take up to five years to fully mature.

They originated from RagDoll Cat. The Ragamuffin Cat can get so relaxed in your arms, that it will go limp like a ragdoll. They have a boxy, wide chest and shoulders. They come in all kinds of coat lengths in both medium and long hair.

Expect to pay quite a bit of money if you want a pedigreed Ragamuffin Cat. They typically can cost anywhere from $1000 or more. Yet if you are content with a non-pedigreed cat, then they are quite affordable.

They thrive on human touch and are not happy when left alone. These cats need constant attention and love. They are a very healthy cat, but their diets need to be monitored. This cat can gain weight quickly if allowed to eat unhealthy foods. Speak to a vet about diet plans for your cat.

They have long silky hair that makes grooming a non-issue. They only need to be groomed once every one to two weeks. They are great with both families and small children.

Gallery of Ragamuffin Cat