When it comes to wild looking cats, this one takes the cake. It was the first breed ever to be bred for its wild looks. It gets its spotty coat from being mixing with a short hair. They originated from the Siamese and Abyssinian.

One of the more recently developed spotted Tabby breeds, the Ocicat has great appeal. So-called because it resembles a small Ocelot, it has a firm following in the U.S. and its popularity is increasing in Britain and the rest of Europe.


In the 1960s a U.S. breeder was trying to produce a Siamese cat with Abyssinian points. A cross-mating between a Siamese Seal Point and a half Abyssinian resulted in a litter of assorted tabbies. One rather special little kitten was noticed, a golden-colored, spotted Tabby, and it was given the name "Tonga". Generally considered to be the first Ocicat, Tonga was exhibited only once, at a cat show in 1985. His striking color and pattern were so much admired, as he resembled a little wildcat, that a breeding program was created to continue the line.


This is a strong, muscular cat with a wild side to it. It is very active and needs an active family to keep it company. They come in twelve approved colors. The eyes of an Ocicat are an almond shape. The shape of the eyes helps them see better at night.

A large, solid, well-muscled breed of non-extreme type, with a broad head, squarish muzzle, and large, wide-set, tufted ears. The most obvious attraction of the Ocicat is its coat pattern, which should be well spotted with a banded tail. Colors are recognized in brown, blue, chocolate, lilac, cinnamon, fawn, red, cream, torbie and the silvers of these colors.

Origin: U.S.A.

Grooming: 2/5

Activity: 4/5

GCCF Group: Foreign Shorthairs


Although generally affectionate and undemanding, it may be cautious of strangers, wisely perhaps, since its coat makes it a target for cat thieves.

These cats are intelligent and can be trained easily like a dog. They can be trained to sit, fetch, walked on a leash, speak, lie down and taught to come when called. They are still very cat like in nature and bold enough to demand a petting from a stranger. They are great with other cats, but will become the dominate kitty of the home.

This cat needs a lot of attention and cannot be left alone for long time. Give this kitty lots of love and it will return in kind. The Ocicat is great with small children and families.

General Care

This cat has little health problems. Its coat sheds a little, but only needs a grooming every two weeks or so. Gingivitis can be an issue and daily brushing of its teeth is recommended to keep teeth and gum disease away.

Suitability as a pet

In general, Ocicats get on well with all pets. Given a free-range lifestyle, the Ocicat will become a great hunter and enjoy being outside. Some Ocicats have sensitive hearing, so a fairly quiet household would probably be most suitable.

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