The Nebelung Cat is a great feline to have around if you are a couple or retiree. They do not do well with small children and hate noise. They are somewhat conservative and like to keep to themselves. Once a Nebelung bonds with its owner, it will show a lot of love and loyalty.

These cats are a mix from a black haired domestic, with a long haired parent and Russian Blue. They have a very long and luxurious coat which needs daily grooming.

They have long tails and they are medium in size. They have large yellow eyes and fur on the tails that is considerably longer than what is found on the body.

They are a playful and loving cat. Their good natured temperament makes them great around adult families. They are also very intelligent. They are an active cat, yet do better indoors than outdoors.

Their name comes from the German phrase meaning creature of the mist or fog. There were first bred in Denver, Colorado, USA. This cat does not need much. It can remain on its own for long periods of time. If you are a family that is out a lot then this cat could be the one for you.

This cat is not comfortable around strangers and will bond more closely with just one human. They are very picky with the cleanliness of their food bowl and litter box. Keep these two areas clean for your kitty to avoid discomfort. Once they attached themselves to a family they will choose one person to bond with and will follow that person around the home and choose their lap over others.

Again this is a kitty that is very affectionate, but can stay on its own if need be. Just keep these few things in mind. No small children in the home keep the litter box and feeding area clean and all will be well with your Nebelung.

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