The LaPerm Cat is considered to be an accident and was not purposely bred to be a domestic cat. The La Perm was first found in the USA in 1982. This cat loves the outdoors, but at the same time it loves an indoor environment.

They are a very active and athletic cat, yet also affectionate with an outgoing personality. If you are looking for a hypoallergenic cat, then this is the cat to go after. They are noted to have a much lower level of allergic response then found in most other domesticated cats.

The LaPerm is equipped with a medium sized muscular body, long legs and neck. This cat comes in both short hair and long hair furry coats. Coats are wavy and often times curly with fur found inside the ears. The feel of its coat is not smooth, but more like a foxtail feel that kind of pulls on your skin as you pet. This is a low maintenance cat that needs to be groomed only once a week.

These cats are durable and rarely have problems with diseases. If you are looking for a cat breed that is fun and loving, then the La Perm Cat is one to check out.

Affectionate but not over demanding and great for a first time pet owner. These cats can be left alone inside your home without suffering from lack of attention.

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