This cat is a rare beauty. It the national cat of Thailand. It is considered to be very lucky and given as a gift to newlyweds. It is one of the oldest and most stable breeds in the world.

An old breed, the Korat is one of the few one-color varieties. It is an elegant cat with a slate-blue coat and a sweet expression. The breed is still relatively rare.


Native to Thailand, where it is known as "Si-Sawat", the Korat is considered sacred and a bringer of good fortune. References to this breed are found in early Thai history, but the first recorded evidence of the breed in the West was in 1896, when one was reportedly exhibited at a cat show in London. After this they faded from the show scene. The Korat that we see today is the result of a breeding program set up in the 1950s in the U.S. using cats imported from Thailand.

They reached Britain in the 1970s.


The breed has a beautiful grey, bluish coat, large green-emerald eyes and a muscular body. This cat only comes in one color.

Although reports of a dilute lilac Korat have been noted, this has never been accepted as a true color variation of the breed. The Korat that graces the show benches today is only recognized in the traditional blue.

Medium-sized and muscular, this breed has a heart-shaped face with large, lustrous eyes. The coat is close-lying and smooth, but has an unusual trait in that it is "broken", or slightly up-standing, along the spine.

Origin: Thailand

Grooming: 2/5

Activity: 3/5

GCCF Group: Foreign Shorthairs


An intelligent breed that is loving, gentle and quiet-voiced.

They are a small to medium sized cat with a very low percentage of body fat. They are smart and playful with adults. They build a strong, loyal bond with their owners. The bond is often compared to the behavior found in dogs.

It does not like loud noises or quick movements. This cat is happiest with a single adult or couple. It is also a great cat for retirees. It does not need too much attention and can be left alone for a normal eight hour work day.

This is not a child friendly cat and families with small children should avoid taking this breed into their homes. The Korat will warm up quickly to an adult family and provide a lot of love for many years.

These cats are most commonly found in Thailand. They are a loyal cat, but can be left on their own if the family is out for long periods of time.

General Care

They are a healthy breed, but can be born with genetic disorders that are usually fatal. Take care when choosing a breed or have a vet take a look at the cat before taking one into your home to avoid these genetic issues.

Suitability as a pet

Although an active breed, the Korat has a placid nature and will usually prefer to live in a quiet household, without too many noisy intrusions.

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