Devon Rex

Another curly-coated breed, the mischievous Devon Rex is popular in all the cat fancies. With its large batlike ears and impish expression, the Devon Rex has been referred to as the "ET of the cat world".


In the 1960s, a decade after the discovery of the Cornish Rex, another curly-coated kitten was born in the neighboring county of Devon. At first, it was thought to be the result of the same genetic mutation, but this theory was disproved when the two apparently similar types of cat were mated together and produced normally kittens. Thus, another new breed had naturally occurred and was named the Devon Rex.


Smaller, and with less dense hair than the Cornish, it has a full-cheeked head with low-set ears. The ears give the breed its hallmark pixielike face. It is seen in all coat colors and patterns, including the Siamese pattern.

Country of Origin: Britain

Grooming: 1/5

Activity: 5/5

GCCF Group: Foreign Shorthairs


Mischievous, friendly, talkative and frisky, the Devon Rex is a very active breed of cat. Indeed, it rarely sits still and will quite simply be interested in anything and everything.

This kitty comes with oversize ears and eyes, but also an oversize heart. This is a cat that needs a lot of interaction and attention. It likes to be petted, held and loves to participate in anything that its owner is working on or in. This cat loves small children and adults.

The Devon Rex has a mischievous side to it. Leave food out and you can be sure this cat will swipe it. It has been compared to a monkey or dog because of its mischievous and dog like nature.

This cat is great with small children, families and anyone else that can afford to give it lots of love and attention. Don't leave this kitty at home alone for too long or it will suffer.


The Devon is a medium sized cat. For many, this cat is just the right size. Their body structure is lightweight. Their large toes provide them a sure footing for long leaps and explosive getaways.

General Care

Their coats are somewhat curly, soft and considered short haired. Take a very gentle approach to grooming. These cats have little, delicate hairs that are easily pulled out. Grooming can be a painful thing for the Devon Rex if not done properly. Their ears need to be cleaned once a week to avoid infection. Talk to your vet on the proper way to clean the ears and groom your Devon Rex.

Suitability as a pet

A companionable breed that loves being with people and other animals, the Devon will not enjoy being in a household where it is left alone for long time. As with the Cornish, protection with sun block should be provided for the ears of paler-colored cats during summer months. This is another greedy breed, so watch the food intake and waistline.

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