Cheetoh Cat

The Cheetoh Cat looks just like a Cheetah and even acts like a Cheetah, but it does not have the ferocious side of a Cheetah. This kitty is very loving and extremely active.

Be prepared for this large ball of fur to be running around your home and jumping. They are extremely intelligent and can be trained rather quickly.

They weigh in at a very hefty 15 lbs (7 kilos) to 20 lbs (10 kilos). They also have very broad shoulders, 12 in (31 cm). They have a beautiful thick coat that needs grooming once a week.

Health wise they really have no aliments, but keep any eye on their walk. If there is a skip in their step, then it is time to go see a vet. They can acquire knee cap problems that result in a lot of pain for the Cheetoh Cat. Simple surgery will quickly get your kitty back on the prowl.

This cat needs a lot of love and attention. It hates to be left alone. It is best paired with a family that is home a lot or a retiree that can give this kitty the love it needs. Keep the Cheetoh Cat busy and he/she will make a loyal companion for many years to come. This cat is great with small children and families.

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