Bambino Cat

The Bambino Cat is a combination of a Munchkin and Hairless Sphinx. Its skin is very flexible and it feels kind of like a furry peach to the touch. It is a very affection cat and can't be left alone for long periods of time. It is a great all around family cat. It is good with adult and small children.

The name comes from its kitten like features. Bambino means baby in Italian. The Bambino Cat is a little more high maintenance than most cats. It needs a daily bath with mild pet soap and warm water. Its eyes and ears need to be cleaned on a daily basis. The excessive cleaning keeps its skin, eyes and ears infection free.

This cat can get sunburned easily. Try not to keep it in direct sunlight for very long. If you are going to be out with your cat for long periods of time, it is OK to dress them up in clothing that will keep the sun off their delicate skin.

During the winter this cat needs to be kept warm. Without a furry coat, it can suffer from cold winds and temperatures. No fur means it does not possess the ability to remove oils from its skin. Normally this function is taken care of through the fur. With no fur the Bambino is dependent on its owner for a bath to assist in removing the excess oils.

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