Asian Сat

The term Asian, as distinct from the Burmilla, Tiffany and Bombay, covers all those other colors and patterns arising from the original Burmilla breeding program. Sweet-natured and graceful, they are a popular addition to the Cat Fancy.


The Asians are another by-product of the original mating between a solid-coated Burmese and a tipped Chinchilla. It was always understood that a multitude of colors and patterns would eventually result, but this did not happen for several generations of breeding. As these new cats were of foreign (i.e. Burmese) type, it was decided that a suitably oriental name should be found to encompass the whole group.


All Asians are essentially cats of Burmese type, but with different coat patterns and colors. They are medium-sized and well-muscled, with wedge-shaped heads and medium-sized, wide-set ears. Colors include black, blue, lilac, caramel, red, cream, apricot, and the associated tortie and tabby patterns, and smoke; they are also accepted in silver and standard versions.

Origin: Britain

Grooming: 2/5

Activity: 4/5

GCCF Group: Foreign Shorthairs


Intelligent, friendly, playful and athletic, the Asian cat is a breed that will suit most domestic environments.

Suitability as a pet

Active and talkative, Asian cats relate well to a family situation and enjoy the company of cats and other animals. Their short coats require little grooming, but their lively, playful nature means they need regular company at home

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