American Bobtail

The American Bobtail is a great cat for long drives, truck drivers love them. They love to travel and learn to adapt to a family who travels. Yup if you love to travel, then this kitty will be right at home traveling right beside you.

Another great thing about the Bobtail is their ability to distress their owners. They have a very special gift that is a blessing for many families and actually used as a treatment for patients who have extreme anxiety and depression. The Bobtail is a natural psychologist.

The American Bobtail is a cross between a Tabby Cat and a Bobcat. To create the original bloodline it was mated with a Siamese colored cat.

They are a playful cat, smart, active and extremely friendly. They are compared to a dog in behavior. They love to fetch and greet their owners at the door. They love children and love to be picked up by anyone in the family. It is a rarity to see a American Bobtail strike out or scratch its owner or anyone in the family. They are great escape artists. It is almost impossible to keep this kitty in a locked room or a cage.

For those who travel by air, it is recommended keeping a good eye on this kitty to keep it from roaming the airline cabin without your permission.

This kitty is extremely curious and likes to steal shiny items and store them away in a secret location. It is best to leave something out for your cat and follow it to find out where it stores its treasures. This way you will know where to look when something shows up missing.

It is during the kitten stage where you need to get this cat use to traveling, interacting with an active environment and getting it comfortable around strangers. This will give them balance and allow them to act as stated in this section. There are some Bobtails that are reserved and this is only because of how they were raised when small.

If you do decide to choose an American Bobtail, keep in mind they do like attention. Traveling around town or on long trips is how this cat prefers to bond with its owner.

The special bond an American Bobtail will build with you is not found in any other breed. It is so special that is can only be characterized as unconditional love.

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