What Causes Stress to Dogs?

What Causes Stress to Dogs?

If you are thinking of becoming, or have recently become a pet parent, you understand the love a human can have for their pets. We want all the best for them, and to do that, we need to understand what can potentially cause them harm. Things like getting lost or running in a busy street are dangerous but also unlikely if you take good care of your dog. You will most likely encounter a stressed dog.

To help your dog deal with stress, you need to understand what causes them stress in the first place.

Dog stressors
A stressor is a thing that causes stress or anxiety in dogs. They can become stressed for various reasons, and you should keep in mind to provide a pleasant and stress-free environment for your new puppy. Some breeds or even hybrids like the Shih-Poo are highly susceptible to stress, but no matter the breed, dogs don’t do well under pressure.

Staying alone
One of the most common stress triggers in dogs is if they are left alone for long periods. Dogs are social, and most of the breeds need contact and leadership to feel comfortable. They are pack animals, and if they lose their pack, they become stressed.

Change in environment
Change in the environment is also a powerful stressor for dogs. If they are not properly socialized, they can become very stressed in new environments that they are not familiar with. They can require some time to get used to their new surroundings, and at these times, you should make your dog feel as comfortable as possible. Involve treats and praises to relieve their stress.

Loud noises
Loud music and sudden noises can cause stress in dogs as well. Their hearing is rather sensitive, and they will most likely get startled and scared if a loud noise appears that they are not familiar with. Remove the source of that loud noise and distract your dog with food or treats.

Separation anxiety
Separation is a well-known stressor in dogs. Some dog breeds are independent and don’t depend so much on their owners, but most dogs can suffer from separation anxiety.

They can become overly stressed and even depressed if they change owners or their owner suddenly disappears (often happens after a family member dies). The best medicine for this state is to be there for your dog and console them as much as possible. They will eventually get used to their new owners and can become happy again.

New people
Introducing your dog to new people can be stressful for them. They should be properly socialized from a young age, and if they are not, every new situation is potentially stressful. Get them used to meeting new people since they are a puppy, and you will end up with a happy and well-balanced dog. If you have a fluffy dog breed, strange people may want to pet them, and you don’t want your dog to bite everyone that comes close to them just because they are stressed.