Top 7 Tips To Keep Your Cats Happy!

Top 7 Tips To Keep Your Cats Happy!

Plenty of tales and sayings exist in regard to a cats' true happiness. In this post, we are going to decipher these tales and find out the reality. We are going to find about the outdoors, patios, cat-safe procedures, cleanliness and cat-health.

In short, we are deciphering every bit of the mystery behind your cats’ happiness. Now, you need to learn about creating a better world for your cat! A happy cat needs all the things that can keep it happy.

In this post, we have painstakingly collected the most useful cat keeping tips. And by reading along you will encounter the seven tips to keep your cat happy.

1. The Best Places for your Cat

Explore indoor cat places when the outside is too cold

There is an old tale about cats preferring the outdoors. However, the cat can prefer indoors more. Supply your cat with toys and entertain it. The cat is now safe inside and exercises well, too. Plus, the wildlife outside is safe.

2. Cat training early

When your cat is a kitten, you can begin to keep it indoors. Thus, your cat will be happy to continue that habit. Train your cat in good habits early in life.

3. Cat-Safe Homes for your cats’ happiness

  • Offer your cat a covered porch area to enjoy the outdoors. Just buy a patio!

  • Cat-safe yards have no escape-paths. They also have no poisonous plants, garden substances, and similar dangers.

  • Give your cat a collar with all the details. During the crisis, your cat will run away and the collar can bring it back to you.

Chips – Be safe by microchipping your cat and maintain only the latest contact data in the microchip. Local shelter authorities can use the chip to find you!

4. Cat-entertainment

Offer your ample cat entertainment. Use healthy and safe toys for it to play. When you spend time with your cat at least once a week you build trust and a stronger bond with your cat.

Build or purchase the cat condo. Or make a cat post or cat tree. Your cat can now climb the condo or the post and be happy.

Play with the cat daily. Switch its toys to help your cat play just like it would outside! Don’t leave your cat with stuff like the paper bag and cardboard box.

Place one or two cat perches on a window sill, which is adjacent to a sunlit window. Use pads on the perch for protecting your cat from any danger.

5. Cleanliness

Keep the litter box as clean as new. Your cat will never use a dirty litter box ever. Clean the litter box each day to keep your cat healthy and clean.

Only if you clean all the cat stuff like posts, perches, condos, catios, and litter boxes, you’re your cat use them! Clean all cat stuff on time.

Plus, offer very clean water bowls and food bowls. If you have several kitties, then you need as many bowls for them. Your cat can become depressed or angry when it doesn’t get these basic things.

6. Check out these Cat Health tips

  • Don’t allow your cats to be bored or to become fat. Unwanted fat can bring unwanted disorders, like heart diseases. Easy way to introduce exercises is by giving it healthy non-toxic toys 

  • Offer the cat very good high-quality food and water. Learn about your cat’s food needs to clear away doubts like, can cats eat eggs and similar doubts?

  • Each cat and cat life stage needs a special diet. Feed the right portion to keep your cat satisfied and healthy.

  • If you want a happy cat, you must take your cat to the vet's inconsistent cycles. A healthy cat needs neutering, deworming, checking, screening for lice, bugs, and tics; and the right vaccinations.

  • Maintain the best oral hygiene for your cat, too. Poor cat-teeth can bring diseases quickly!

7. Unleashing the cat on a leash

All neighborhoods have dangers waiting outside. Buy a cat harness and teach your cat to be on the leash to safeguard your cat from the outside dangers. Better to teach the cat when it is still younger. Hence, when you attend to the occasional other duties, your cat will be safe on a leash.

Concluding with extra pointers

  • Place the cat post near the windows and let it view the outside world.

  • Offer your cat a well-nourishing cat diet 

  • Avoid giving your unwanted cat stress.

  • Don’t leave your leashed cat alone, ever.

  • Remember to check your cats’ teeth.

  • Introduce cat grasses in pots.

  • Cat-safe windows need a safety screen.

  • Catios safeguard your cat better than ordinary fences from the outside dangers.

  • Toys help your cat to burn unwanted calories.

  • File a lost report at a cat shelter when you lose the cat 

  • Place dangerous toys away from your cat forever.

About the author:

Hey I’m Linda Butts, the girl behind Pawsome Talk. With my I hope to share ideas and techniques from my personal experiences of what I have done with my pet research and what I love about pets and their lives.