Tips for Training Kittens

Tips for Training Kittens

1. Start small and simple

You should not expect your kittens to perform complex tricks within a matter of days. If you do, you will only end up frustrated, and your kittens will most certainly be stressed. Begin with simple commands. Make a list of house rules, and be sure that every member of the family understands how to reinforce those rules.

For example, you can start with the no climbing on the furniture rule, by consistently reprimanding the kittens when they try to climb on the couch, and by rewarding them when they play on the floor or when they get off the furniture as soon as they are told.

2. Practice, practice, practice!

Find time every day to train your kittens to follow the basic house rules. You need not spend an entire hour bringing them back and forth to the litterbox, or using treats to get their attention. Ten to fifteen minute sessions daily will be more effective than forcing your kittens to sit through a grueling hour or more of listening to you lecture them.

3. Turn training into play time

Make a game out of your training sessions as often as you can. This will make the experience of being taught rules and commands pleasant for your litter, and will also make it more interesting for them. Use soft balls, feather toys and treats to make each training session full of fun for them and full of laughter for you.