Kennel of Dogs

Kennel of Dogs

It is important to be careful with the choice of Dog Kennel when buying a dog. There are kennels of dogs that exhibit low hygienic condition, sin in care during the growth of puppies and even accelerate time of breeding dogs, bringing danger to the health of the puppies. Do not buy puppies without knowing the origin of the Dog Kennel, in virtual auctions and related sites.

The dog kennel located in places without origin or of dubious structure can cross, for example, two breeds of dog which by genetic drift became more aggressive and thus generate a chain of aggressive dogs. Without knowledge, can also cross two Labradors too agitated by another genetic deviation or behavior and generate a hyperactive Labradors. Therefore it is recommended to choose the place where to buy your baby, even if prices are tempting.

1. Health: some of the problems of the health of the dog that are found in the dog kennels are: eye problems, neurological problems, hip dysplasia, blood problems and Parvovirus. The Kennel of dogs ideal is one that makes tests for hip dysplasia is not passed to other chicks. Functional impotence cause Dysplasia of the hind legs of the dog.

2. Temperamental Problems: look for dog kennels who care about dog training and canine education. Otherwise, the puppies can acquire wrong habits that are difficult to be repaired in the future.

3. Socialization doubtful: dogs that are weaned in kennels of dogs early are very fearful, creating barriers to their socialization. In addition, they can also be too aggressive. The minimum time that a puppy should stay with the mother is 60 days.

4. Standardized Breed: acquiring a dog in a Kennel of dog without origin and then cross it means ruin the pattern of breeds of dogs.

5. Return of puppies: Dog Kennel that allows the return of the puppy when present any health problems is quite dangerous. Unfortunately, in some cases, the animal is euthanized due to health problems or behavior.

6. Education: Chicks who have spent their entire lives in a cage did not have the opportunity to learn some basic characteristics of the animal instinct, for example, Pee out of your food and bed. This ends up hindering your learning and training subsequently.

7. Pedigree: pay attention about the pedigree documents and their origin, since some can be faked or not that dog. The quality and history of the Kennel of dogs are important to ensure this confidence.