How to Help a Dog with Anxiety: Solutions and Remedies

How to Help a Dog with Anxiety: Solutions and Remedies

Many dogs suffer from anxiety at some point in their life. Unfortunately for a few, a dog anxiety disorder can be debilitating for dogs and owners alike.

Your dog may exhibit symptoms such as panting, shaking, barking or howling excessively, defecating or urinating inappropriately, escaping or avoiding certain situations out of fear. In extreme conditions, dogs can become aggressive through fear.

If this sounds like your dog, then it's time to take positive measures to help!

In this blog post, we will discuss some of the more popular and successful remedies that have proven effective for other dog owners dealing with dog anxiety disorders.

Dog Anxiety Disorder

Many dog owners know first-hand the stress and anxiety that some unlucky dog's feel daily. Anxious dogs can be very sensitive to sounds, people, and other animals.

If your dog suffers from a dog anxiety disorder, this post is for you.

Firstly, dog owners need to understand that dog anxiety is a real problem and not just your dog being "stubborn" or "overly sensitive". This means you must take the time to learn about the condition and how it affects your dog. Only then can you find the right treatment for their specific anxiety.

Patience is an important quality you will need, as treating a dog anxiety disorder can take a long time before you see results. This is especially true when trying out different remedies to relieve their symptoms.

It's also not uncommon for dog owners to feel stressed out because they feel they cannot instantly help alleviate the pain or discomfort of their beloved pet!

There are positive things you can do however to help control a dog anxiety disorder, and here are some of the most popular methods.


Thundershirt is a form of swaddling jacket specifically designed for dog anxiety and dog stress relief. The Thundershirt is designed to provide a gentle, constant pressure that is effective at relieving dog separation issues as well as dog anxiety disorders such as loud noises or thunderstorms. It's incredibly effective and alleviates the symptoms of dog anxiety fast.

Hemp Infused Coconut Oil

Another amazing dog anxiety remedy that has been shown to produce rapid long term results is hemp-infused coconut oil. This dog anxiety treatment uses all-natural ingredients and works by providing a calming effect on your dog, which reduces stress and can help settle behaviors.

Dog training

Dog training can be an essential tool for anxious dogs that are difficult to control when stressed. It may take a dog with anxiety longer to learn, but you can help them overcome their fears and anxieties naturally.

Use treat training for anxious dogs in stressful situations that scare them. Your dog will start associating good things coming from these events if they are prompted with a treat or dog biscuit after.


Distracting your dog from the cause of their anxiety with dog toys and games to help them learn how to focus on you instead of being preoccupied with whatever they are afraid is going to happen.

Calming Music

Music is another great way to calm a dog's anxiety.

You can make your own "anxiety relief playlist" to play during times of high stress, or you can use commercial dog music designed for dog relaxation and dog calming purposes.

The key is finding songs that will calm your anxious dog without causing them to get even more excited! Calm classical melodies are often the best dog anxiety treatment for dogs that are nervous, stressed out or anxious.

Dog Behavior Classes

Dog behavior classes can be a good way to socialize your dog with other dogs as well as teach them the correct way to behave. They will be able to learn dog training and social dog skills in a stress-free environment.

Many dog training courses will also help you learn how to control and correct an anxious dog so they don't become aggressive towards you, other dogs or other random people you may encounter.


Aromatherapy is used by many people to help with dog anxiety, especially dog separation issues. The idea behind it is that the smell calms and reduces stress levels in dogs suffering from an anxiety disorder or behavioural problems.

Make sure to choose an oil that works for you and not just pick one because of its smell! You will need to do some research about which oils are the most beneficial for dog anxiety and which ones you should avoid.

Dog's have a very sensitive sense of smell and some essential oils like lavender and vanilla can help dog's stay calm during stressful or anxiety-inducing events.

The best dog calming products are non-toxic, contain no harmful chemicals that could harm your dog if used incorrectly. It is important to remember however that an oil diffuser should not be placed where a dog will walk or lie, such as near their food bowl or bed.

Massage Therapy

Massage dog anxiety treatment can help reduce fears, anxieties and stress in dogs. It is sometimes recommended by vets to calm the dog down before an event that will cause them distress or make them anxious like dog grooming or vet visits.

It's important not to use too much pressure when massaging your dog as it may be uncomfortable for their dog anxiety and dog stress relief.

Using dog calming products that contain lavender or vanilla can also help to ensure your dog stays calm during the massage and afterwards.


When seeking an effective anxiety treatment for your dog, remember to look for dog anxiety relief that is safe, non-toxic and contains no harmful chemicals.

There are many natural dog calming products available on the market today that can help to calm your dog's stress levels and anxiety and allow them to function normally, even when in stressful situations.