Forbidden Foods For Cats

Forbidden Foods For Cats

They are companions, stay with that look of "I want" when we're eating something, but the owners must always keep in mind that there are forbidden foods for cats. After all, if the human being you have to be careful with what you eat, by which animals would be different?

It is important to know the forbidden foods for cats because some small intestinal damage cause, however, other come to be fatal. Chocolate is one of them, that by owning theobromine, is extremely toxic in any quantity, causing arrhythmia and may be irreversible.

After all, what are the forbidden foods for cats?

One of the great mistakes is to find that the feline needs cow's milk for his entire life, is to maintain healthy bones or teeth. After weaning, in own ration for all nutrients needed for him to grow up strong and healthy, so he becomes expendable and forbidden. If the pet take milk, will have bowel problems, such as diarrhea, cramping and abdominal pain.

And just like the milk, another item that is inserted between the forbidden foods for cats are the food of the people. Many have the habit of putting what's left of the Pan and give meals to the cat, but animals must be fed with ration, never with food (unless she's made especially for him, according to some specs), which can cause malnutrition, intestinal disorders, among many other problems. So, always choose the right product and good source to maintain the health of your cat.

Others caution that the owner must have when cooking is to not drop on the floor some small piece of garlic or onion, because if the cat coma, he may have food poisoning, that without the knowledge of the person, increases the risk of serious harm and even the loss of the pet.

And sweet, can?

Stay tuned also with children, not having the insight about the forbidden foods for cats and, without knowing the evils that cause, innocently can bring great sequels to them. Cats cannot eat sweets, except those that are manufactured especially for them.

Candies, lollipops, ice cream and everything that was spoken (many of these involve milk and chocolate) cannot be eaten, but the candies and lollipops, for example, contain xylitol, a toxic substance and dangerous. In addition, sugary products cause dental problems, liver and if consumed in large quantities, too much fat in the liver accumulate, which is not good for the kitten.

Now that you know what are the forbidden foods for cats, how to avoid them and leave your furry super healthy? Always remember to consult the veterinarian before feeding her cat with something new!