Famous Dogs in History

Famous Dogs in History

You surely already watched and enjoyed the adventures of the film "Lassie", was thrilled with Hachiko in the feature film "Always by your side", or read the history of the known Presidents or dogs that were striking at some point. Some more unknown and others even turned Hollywood screenplay. It does not matter. Somehow, they are all famous dogs in history.

The next few lines of this article, you will learn a little more about some names which have become important for some reason and are famous dogs in history around the world.


How many years do you think a dog can live? 10, 15, maybe 20 years? Certainly I haven't been presented the dog Bluey, who lived for 29 years and 160 days, between the years of 1910 and 1939, in Australia. The German Shepherd is certainly one of the most famous dogs in history for being the longest-running dog in the world.


One of the most remarkable stories involving animals is the dog Hachiko. Born in Japan in 1923 was adopted by professor Ueno Hidesabaro. Always well treated by his owner, the dog accompanied him to the train station of the city of Shibuya. Even after the death of Ueno, Hachiko continued to make the daily commute for straight years. The story of loyalty became known in the city, later in the country and, since 2009, became popular worldwide with the film "Always by your side". In addition to the statue in his honor in the city of Shibuya, the Akita breed is considered Japanese heritage. Without doubt, one of the famous dogs in history.


There's always a mystery about what's beyond planet Earth. And the dog Laika was the first living creature to orbit the planet, in 1957. Despite the death of Laika, between five and seven hours after the launch of the satellite, was increased confidence for sending humans. Despite the success of the mission, there has always been resistance on the part of the use of animals in testing. In Moscow, was opened in 2008, a statue in honour of Laika.


Born in 1940, the Pal dog became one of the most important dogs of history, for it was he who gave life to the Lassie dog acted in the feature film, in six of the first films of the cinema's most successful series about the life of an animal. Even today, Pal is regarded as the most spectacular canine career in Hollywood.


Usually the main heroes of the sport are on the pitch, wearing cleats and scoring goals. But, in England, in 1966, the reality was different. About to host an edition of the World Cup, the Jules Rimet Trophy was stolen from a hotel in London. Then fit the dog Pickles of unpretentious way to retrieve the trophy, receive a cash prize and become one of the most famous dogs in history.


The name is similar to the character of Charlie Brown's design, but its importance is another and is not connected with the children's imagination. On the contrary, Snuppy the Afghan Hound breed, became a famous dog by the imagination of scientists, since it was the first cloned dog in the world, in 2005, in South Korea.