Cats and Dogs Games

Cats and Dogs Games

Highlighting a variety of styles, the gaming world of dogs and cats guarantees the enjoyment of pets and their owners.

Cats and dogs games have always existed in the universe who has a pet at home and, nowadays, surpass barriers and enter the homes of every kind of animal lover, owners of pets or not. Either through the internet or fun and games with the animals indoors, the games that involve dogs and cats are everywhere, serving as an ally to the entertainment and leisure of people and animals.

With a multitude of targeted products for pets in today's market, fans of games of dogs and cats can also bet on classic games without making a mistake, since it will be very difficult for a kitten does not excite with a simple plastic bouncy balls or a puppy won't cheer you up with a session of "throw and catch" with its owner.

For owners of pets the options also are many and, in addition to the activities that involve interaction between the owner and their pet, there is a world of games dedicated to lovers of dogs and cats, which can play and wear or indulge in special missions over the internet with characters pets of all types and levels of cuteness. Know, then, a little more about the world of fun and games for puppies and kittens, a universe that involves much more than the simplicity of a few decades ago.

Playing at home with dogs and cats

You can make your pet happy even without leaving home, and there are many ways to make it fun and still practise their mental and physical skills with simplicity. In the case of dogs, activities in which he needs to find hidden treasures are a great option, can be good ways to amuse him and, at the same time, nurtured it.

The hidden treasure may be even the owner of the dog, what do you call the shelter location until the pet find, receiving a reward, as a snack, of prize. The groceries for dog can also serve to train the dog's nose in another game like that, where, rather than put all the pet food in the bowl, its owner puts only a bit, hiding (in easy to find places, the principle) the remainder of snacks around the House so that he finds, training your nose.

The classic game of "throw and catch" is still among the Favorites of man's best friend, and work well for both distract as for exercising your puppy. Join your dog with other pets is also a good idea for recreation when the animal already has friends, but it is important to know that the space in which they will play must be properly free of objects that might hurt them or fall of furniture, for example, because the mess and the party tend to be much greater when two dogs gather to play.

In the case of cats, it's not hard to find lively and fun activities, but it is worth remembering that some distractions deemed traditional cats must be accompanied by the owner, as they may harm the animal. A perfect example of this are the jokes with wires and tapes, popularized in all kinds of film and design as one of the greatest passions of kittens. Because they are small and attractive, these object types should always have the supervision of the owners when offered to cats, as they may be swallowed and housed in the animal's stomach, causing complications to your health.

With that in mind, almost anything goes to entertain those pussies. Among the favorite toys of the cats that can be improvised are items such as paper bags, rolls of toilet paper or worn kitchen and cardboard boxes or cardboard. Simple and present in all sorts of home, these objects are a joy of kittens for quite some time.

The cats don't stay out of the double play and, like dogs, love to practice fun activities with their owners. The classic game of "throw and catch" is also in the list of preference of cats, who are fans of rescue paper balls tossed and chasing objects trapped in wands commanded by their owners.

Toys for pets

If indoors it's easy to find items to amuse and entertain your pet, in specialty stores the options industry grow even more. An immense variety is available in today's market, and you can find almost any kind of toys for dogs and cats, be it only to entertain or also to help teach tricks or good behaviors to your pet.

Fans of biting and chewing puppies tend to have a lot of fun playing with bones and leather ropes that blend rubber and plastic parts, and the market for pets already counts with different options, in addition to these, for those who have dogs biters; including tennis balls with rope, soft balls, rubber rings and plastic animals that make noise when bitten, stoking the senses of the pet.

Stuffed animals can also please the dogs, however, this kind of item requires the attention of the owner at the time of the mess, as the pet can rip the toy and have access to foams and fills that can be toxic and cause gastrointestinal problems. Disks and simple balls also make wide variety of size, colors and materials in the market of pets, which also highlights toys releasing tidbits with the stimulation of the animal between the favoured by dogs.

In the feline world, traditional scratching and the balls with bells are among the Favorites, being shown without restrictions for all types of pussy. Toys with catnip (known as the grass-of-CAT) also tend to attract enough attention from kittens, however, often are recommended only for pussies stressed or aggressive, given that the herb is used to calm them down.

Larger versions, most modern and colourful wands with appendages on its tip can also be found in droves, as well as suspended toys loved by cats the possibility of jumping, hang and scratching all kinds of object.

Another way to have a good time with your fur bb is to dress him up in cat costumes. It's best to choose a costume based on how comfortable your cat feels in the clothes. Your feline friend may feel happy in just a simple scarf or hat, or they may be comfortable in something more elaborate.

Games and virtual pets

In the technological world in which we live today to cats can be distracted with applications and tablets, and there is already a considerable variety of games targeted for the cats in the virtual world.

In versions that reproduce mice on the screen so that the cat between on a hunt or simpler, that allow the pussy turn an artist and paint pictures with their paws, the applications developed for the pranks of cats only devantagem could bring serious damage to the tablet on which he plays, as it is not uncommon for the cats try to bite and scratch their prey (in the case, the appliance itself). See how to make a scratching at home.

But the owners of the tablets also enter the team that can take advantage of the technologies for fun, and can also implement techniques to educate their pets with specific applications that help manage, monitor and educate the animals. Among the most frequent options and easy to find are the apps that help owners to take questions about the health and behavior of their pets, as well as those who facilitate the location of companies with services for pets.

Even translators of barks and meows can be found among the pet world applications, however, able to monitor the actions of animals are the most innovative of the moment on the market.

Through this type of tool (which so far has only options for dogs) it is possible, for example, to find out the exact location of the animal, monitor their activities during the day and have details on the type of exercise practiced by him, knowing if your dog jumped, ran, walked or slept all day.

Compare the activity level of your pet with others of the same breed is also possible through apps that line that serve as major allies to maintain the health and well-being of your buddy.

Gadgets which allow control from a distance the feeding of cats and dogs also already exist and, for about $150, it is possible to schedule meal times of pets without worrying.

The owners (or not) of pets still rely on a huge list of virtual games of cats and dogs where they can embed their favorite little animals in special missions. In addition to the games in which the goals include overcoming stages and winning awards there are also other types, which allow the player to make varied combinations of characteristics in a same animal or even that he play dress up pets with different outfits and styles, making a real Pet virtual Fashion Show.