Cat Grass

Cat Grass

Catnip is a perennial herb of the family of the peppermints, known as Herb the cat. That weed causes us felines in General a reaction of finding directions predators, leaving enough changed.

The cat grass is native to Europe and Asia, but is very popular in North America and Japan. Is sold legally, because clinical studies have shown that the herb is not harmful to animals, some, including being immune to her reactions.

And how it works?

Cat grass is composed of a substance known as Nepetalactone, which acts on the brain of the cat through the odor. The animal can bite and roll over the grass, even try to eat it, but the reaction is through smell, and lasts just a few minutes. The kitten can get used whether or not the reaction of the grass after a while in contact with her.

However, not all cats react to cat grass. Young cats, of childbearing age, are more likely to have reactions than older cats and neutered.

The cat grass does not cause addiction or dependency on the kitten, by contrast, is a totally harmless. She is also known as Catnip.

And why use this herb?

It's not a matter of fun. The cat serves as a stimulant to cats sad and apathetic, as well as help to take the stress of that very active kitten. Another important use of this herb is to accustom the cat to scratch in the right place or getting more in the garden than in the House.

Some toys comes with a bit of weed in them to encourage the cat to play with. The owner can buy the cat in any pet store and put in the scratching, or any toys. Or even give her pure to your kitten, he'll love.

It's OK to be human?

Don't. The catnip, or cat grass, is the same group of herbs that Valerian, an herb used medicinally to treat insomnia, anxiety and other related disorders, so the cat has been, and still is, used for the treatment of some human problems.

However it is very difficult for a cat owner to understand why her pussy interacts with the plant, because the odor of cat grass does not affect humans. This is natural, because each animal has a reaction to a certain odor and it is for this reason that sometimes dogs become alert when feeling odour or cats are stimulated with the smell of cat grass.

It is normal for the cat to sleep much after the contact?

Yes, this is because the kitten spent a lot of energy after contact with the cat. Despite the effect of the Herb last few minutes, it is normal that the cat spend an entire hour chasing a toy that has the catnip, so that he ends up exercising and getting tired. It is therefore normal that the cat sleep.

Another important fact is that after about two hours away from the cat grass is very common that the feline has the same reactions to contact her again.

It is true that each cat reacts differently?

There are also cats react better pure cat grass than dehydrated, or which shows no interest in toys stuffed with grass, but loves it when he finds in his scratching. Don't be surprised if you have several cats and a few show more interest in a form of the herb than another. That's natural.

What happens if the kitten eat grass?

It is very common that the pussy chew the leaves of the herb of the cat, as was quoted earlier. To eat the catnip effects are felt by the pet, but it is not recommended that the cat eats the leaf, as this may cause some gastric discomfort.