Caring for Puppies - Tips and Healthy Ideas

Caring for Puppies - Tips and Healthy Ideas

The care of puppies are extremely important to the health of animals which, in this first stage of life, require a lot of attention to ensure a healthy growth. Small, fragile and unprotected, the puppies have large vaccines, which can leave allied them away from diseases that are of the most common and simple to threatening.

Ensuring those caring for puppies, can protect the small of serious problems like rabies, canine hepatitis, worms, parasites and a wide variety of viruses that can interfere with the health of your pet.

So that your pet doesn't run the risk of having to treat any such disease is indicated that it is accompanied by the veterinarian ever since. The 30 days of life he must undergo a clinical examination and weighing, which will define the dosage of the medicine antivermes and the 45 days he will need to return to your vaccination is carried out.

Details regarding cleaning and feeding of puppies should also be taken into account, whereas during the first 30 days of life, breastfeeding is the best and most appropriate source of energy for the little ones.

From this, you can start feeding dogs with rations suitable for your age or even baby food fit for the weaning of the pups, which already can be found in the Brazilian market. To the early weaning is indicated start to feed nestlings, but still leave the milk available, either the formula or breast milk, to 2 months the animal must be fully conditioned to eat ration.

In relation to canine hygiene and tours, it is recommended that the first puppy care have already been made, as well as all vaccines in the first round before taking their first baths or go out on the streets, avoiding unnecessary infections. While the animal cannot leave the street is indicated the stimulation indoors, the more challenges the animal has in the first stage of life, the greater the chance of being an animal conditioned to a dressage as an adult, due to the greater development of the reasoning part of the animal's brain when he is still growing.

Warm up your pet with artificial bones and biscuits for dogs by the time they begin to emerge from their teeth – around 30 days of life-is a good option to let your dog more comfortable with the process and, at the same time, teach you how to make your oral cleaning, in addition to preserving the objects that are not made to gnaw and our pets love destroy slippers and sofas.

Another important factor between the care of puppies is to remember, always, that this first phase of life is the period in which the animal more acquires habits and therefore teach basic details that are routine in the life of the puppy-like visiting the vet, make cleaning ears, teeth and some training techniques – can be a lot easier this time, and always do so it doesn't become a trauma.