Canicross - Canine Sport

Canicross - Canine Sport

Yet little popular in Brazil, the canicross begins to gain popularity around the world, presenting itself as a sports option ideal for pets and owners.

Canicross is still a term unknown to most brasilerios but, according to the wave of popularity that has grown around the world, that should change soon. Created in the United Kingdom in the early 90, the sport originated as a form of training for dogs of traction or sled, and soon was noticed as a pleasurable activity, where dogs and their owners can have fun and maintain health.

Briefly, the canicross can be described as a kind of trekking for dogs. For practice, the main equipment required are a belt for the driver (waist belt), a vest traction for the dog (running harness) and a bungee cord that attaches the two items, connecting partners and avoiding big leaps in the path. Uneven terrain and trails are among the favorite places among the practitioners of the sport, which can also be done in groups with more than one dog per driver.

Practiced by all kinds of race and size of dogs, the restriction of the practice of this activity is about more than the age of the animal, which must have more than a year to live. It is worth remembering, too, that before you start to practice this sport, both as pet owner must go through medical tests, ensuring appropriate physical condition.

For being a new and unusual practice in Brazil, there may still be some difculdade on the part of interested in finding all the proper equipment in the domestic market. However, the Brazilian Factory of Shows and events already works with the importation of the apparatus necessary for the sport and, at the time, strives to create the Federação Brasileira de Canicross, which must represent the first step in the practice acquire increasingly fans around here.