British Shorthair Cats and Their Level of Intelligence

British Shorthair Cats and Their Level of Intelligence

Cats are often more intelligent than what you might think. Actions that look like random behaviors are often directed and witty.

Does this mean that British Shorthair cats are also intelligent? Of course they are. These cats are easy to train and they show high level of insight. Even though their intelligence doesn’t turn to mischievousness and they are also intelligent, a British Shorthair will be more than happy if their mind is occupied with games and puzzles.

Is a British Shorthair Cat Intelligent?

Aside from their different positive traits, the British Shorthair is also notable for being smart. They are easy to train, quick learners, and love toys and puzzle games that challenge their intellect.

Feline intelligence can often be considered as a mixed blessing because it seems that there is a direct connection between being smart and the havoc they could bring to your life.

It doesn’t mean that clever cats are malicious, though. It only means that they can do the most unexpected things and go to places where you wouldn’t want them to be. The good news is that this is not often the case with the nondestructive and laidback British Shorthair that is contented with using its superpowers only for good things. For instance, these cats are great in following instructions and they are also inclined to learn new skills to please their humans.

British Shorthair

They actively want to communicate and cooperate with you. It might sound like wishful thinking and anthropomorphisation yet this idea is backed by modern research.

Things That British Shorthair Cats Can Learn

It mostly depends on an individual cat yet a British Shorthair cat can learn a lot of useful and fun things. There are owners who teach their pets how to give a high-five, put up their paw to ask for treats, tap their foot or hand, and many other adorable little activities.

The more ambitious owners even potty-train their British Shorthair with the use of a litter box set above the toilet. It is also very useful to teach your feline to come every time you call it. You will not just be able to invite your cat to you for a tummy rub or game since you can also use the skill every time your pet goes out and you want her to get back inside. It is recommended for these cats to just stay indoors since they tend to be great at hunting.

British Shorthair Cat

If your British Shorthair gets out either by design or accident, it is wise to have a plan on how you can retrieve your pet. You can give a reward or use a specific sound. You need to be very consistent because your pet might end up confused if you are not using the same sound all the time.