Animal Shelter – Is It Right for Your Pet?

Animal Shelter – Is It Right for Your Pet?

Your family holiday is coming up and you are busy making preparations – you have done all your shopping, packed, bought airplane tickets and even organized for a neighbor to collect your mail. Until you remember your dog – what will you do with her while you are away? This is a dilemma that millions of families have to face every year and for some the solution is a nearby dog boarding facility. These are places that are equipped to provide dogs with top level care be it for a day or a few weeks while you are away.

If you have never tried boarding your dog you may be skeptical – how can you trust your pet to be happy in the hands of total strangers? You shouldn’t worry – dog boarding and care facilities are run by people who have a genuine love of animals and who give them all the care and attention that they need while their owners are away. Pet owners are free to tour the facility before they check in their animal to be sure that they will get all that they need.

What are the benefits of dog boarding?

  • Your dog will not have to endure long flights to go on holiday with you. Dogs are only allowed to travel in the cargo holds of planes so while you are having fun inside the aircraft your pet will be stuck down below.
  • You don’t have to leave your dog in the hands of a neighbor or friend who may not have the skills or time to take care of her.
  • Many holiday accommodations say that they allow pets but make very few preparations for them. While your hotel may allow you to bring your pet, she may end up cooped up in your room with nowhere to play. At dog boarding there is a playground where she can play till, she drops.
  • You will be going away for a few days during which your pet may fall ill or get injured. You would like them to get the best care possible and you can make sure that they do if you check them into a dog boarding facility. The best dog boarding places have a vet on standby who they can call at any time.
  • You will not have to worry about your pet running away. While your neighbor or friend may be capable of taking care of your dog for a few days their home may not be secure enough to keep her in. This is not something that you will have to worry about if you choose a dog boarding facility.

Are there any cons to boarding your pet?

While dog boarding is an excellent idea for many families there are a few pitfalls that you need to be aware of. The first is that your dog may experience some stress the first few days – getting sued to a new environment is not very easy. There is also the risk that they may get health problems from other animals in the facility. However, if you choose carefully you have nothing to worry about – the best dog care boarding facilities are run by professionals who ensure that dogs are able to adjust to their new environment fast. All dogs are sanitized before they are checked in to reduce the risk of passing around diseases.

You can get your dog used to spending time in a different environment by booking her into a dog day care a few times a week. When the time comes for you to go on holiday, they will settle into the dog day care easily and you can relax and have fun without any worries. 

Unfortunately, many animal shelters don’t have enough funding. Donorbox has compiled a long list of Dog Fundraiser ideas that can help propel shelter’s fundraising to the new heights. You can use many of these event suggestions in one fundraiser or hold multiple fundraisers.