6 Drawings of Famous Dogs

6 Drawings of Famous Dogs

All small dogs worshipers wanted to name their pets with names of famous cartoon dogs. Now, after older, is good to remember some drawings of dogs that mark us even today and let fillers forever on the tip of our tongues.

Check out the table below for a list of six drawings of dogs the world's most famous and stay eager to watch all the episodes of these series again.


One of the dogs of the world's most famous, Scooby is a great Dane that speaker is part of a group of Ghostbusters aboard the mystery machine. He is a glutton and too scared, just like his trusty Sidekick, shaggy. Scooby is known for his catchphrase that always speaks at the end of each episode. And, no matter how fearful and slick as it is, always ends up saving the skin of friends at the end.

Scooby-Doo was also stop at the movies in several feature films made since the 80. But it was in 2002 that Scooby came to life when being made in computer graphics in the new movies produced by Warner, where he interacts with real characters of the class of Ghostbusters.


Doug is an 11-year-old boy who has a normal life in the town of Bluffington, he narrates his daily in his diary, counting their troubles, sorrows and fantasies. Doug has a puppy named Ribs, which is a seemingly average Blue Dog, but that sometimes has human behaviours, how to learn to dance and play chess.

Doug always accompanies Ribs, including his adventures imagined where Doug is a superhero named Quailman Ribs and his faithful partner, Cãocodorna.


"Mutley, do something!" is a phrase that everyone knows when it comes to dogs in cartoons. Dick dastardly is a masked vigilante known from wacky races, which later appeared as leader of a gang of villains in the well-known drawing Cyberchase (today known as Dick dastardly and Muttley). Dick has a sidekick named Muttley, a dog with a distinctive laugh, addicted to win medals and with entirely human behavior.

Dick, Muttley and his troupe spend their entire drawing chasing a pigeon, and never manage to capture him. Muttley is always what is called in the time of urgency to capture the pigeon, and when things go wrong, turns its tail real quick to get down on the floor without getting hurt.


Pluto is a Bloodhound known as the mascot of Mickey Mouse in the Disney cartoons. It behaves as a common dog, although it seems to reason often in some movies and episodes, but essentially is a normal dog, unlike most cartoon dogs. Is companion and cheerful, always following Mickey at everything, including his encounters with Minnie.

Pluto gained some own episodes, as well as participation in stories of other Disney characters. An interesting curiosity is that the film "give Me a paw", starring him in 1941, won the Oscar for best animated feature.


Out of the comic strip, Snoopy is a Beagle breed dog that is part of the stories of the Peanuts, more commonly known as Charlie Brown's gang. At the beginning of the editions, Snoopy was a common dog, which walked on all four legs, and walked along with his owner Charlie Brown. Over the years, Snoopy won a more humane character, walking on two legs, and thinking. The player had access to his thoughts via thought balloons. So if discovered his personality, Snoopy was a shy and quiet dog, but that within their thinking passed through high adventures, including knowing fly.

Snoopy went on television in several Peanuts special, and in a television series called The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show, which had a much larger participation in adventures and ramblings of his owner.


Character in a series of dog drawing more current than others, produced at the end of 90 years by Cartoon Network, known as "courage the cowardly dog". The main character is a very scared dog called Courage, he lives on a farm in the middle of nowhere with his two elderly owners Muriel and Eustace. Muriel treats as a child, she was the one who adopted him, Eustace is always in a bad mood and often called courage to "dumb dog".

Despite all this fear, courage is always facing the monsters to save their owners of their claws, often this salvation happening, actually, by pure luck.