10 Famous Cats And Fun Designs

10 Famous Cats And Fun Designs

Every lover of kittens was a child one day and wouldn't leave the room when I was going through your favorite design. For those who already were worshipers of cats from very small, we selected a list of 10 animations and drawings of cats, some series and other films about cats that we're sure will love and remember the past. Check Out!

Cat Felix

The first cartoon cat getting popular, Felix was created yet in the era of the silent film era, in the mid 20. Their first appearances are quite experimental, but you can observe the evolution over the years. Despite losing space with Disney productions, special cat Felix arise now and again.

Felix is a Black Cat, cheerful and gentle, but it always ends up getting in trouble. He has skills with his tail, and could even pull it out to use as you wish. He also has a magic bag that are always trying to steal, but Felix always escapes from everything.


The idea was born with a comic strip by Jim Davis with the participation of a cat and turned world reference within the comics. Garfield is a fat cat and orange stripes. Too lazy and accommodated, spends the day sleeping, watching television and bothering the dog Odie. He also loves lasagna at the same level who hates Mondays. Its main feature, and was what made her so famous, is the sarcasm over the top.

Garfield won special in TV, movies and series; one of them called Garfield and his friends, of 1988, where the characters of comics were taken to the screens and some originals were created.


Is the movie reference when it comes to drawings of cats, because 95% of the cast is formed by cats. Walt Disney Pictures is an achievement, being the twentieth film produced by Studio, released in 1970.

The story brings Duchess and her three kittens (Berlioz, Toulouse and Marie) being kidnapped from the House of Madame Adelaide, his owner, by the Butler. The family of cats crash-lands into the street and being found by Alley Cat Thomas O'Malley, which helps them to come home and find out what happened. During this search for coming back to the House, Duchess and her children, accustomed to the luxury end up coming into contact with stray cats and the reality of the streets.

Tom (Tom and Jerry)

The series, which popularizes the saying "cat and mouse", was created by MGM in 40 years and underwent many modifications until the end of the years 60, when they stopped producing new episodes.

Tom is a cat half blue, half gray, which is a good life living with the owner, making food and milk. However, what makes your life not so good is the presence of Jerry, a mousy Brown, living in the walls of the House. Tom is always trying ways to catch Jerry, making plans and gadgets to try to catch him, and always wrong.

"Tom and Jerry" won several adaptations for film and television films, the best known of him being Tom and Jerry: the movie, where they help a little girl find her father.

Porridge (Turma da Mônica)

In this case, it's not a cat design especially, but a minor character within the story. Everyone knows the Porridge, the white Angora cat of Magali. He is part of the stories of Maurício de Souza, making more appearances in stories or special journals of Magali. Is a cat very loving with the owner, though not as greedy as she, who is treated as a family member. Only the father twists a bit his nose for him because of his allergy to cats by. Porridge acts like a normal domestic cat, the reader of comics will have access only to your thoughts, realizing that he is the owner of the House, like any cat.

The Turma da Mônica was adapted for television series and movies, and Porridge are in some of these stories represented the same way it is in the comics.

Head Honcho

Older people will remember this drawing with cats that had a short viewing period in the years 60, being played in the following years, even though only 30 episodes. He brings the story of Hotshot, a cat who leads a gang of stray cats living in an alley and tries to make a living in an easy way. The drawing shows cats ready to get money and almost being caught by the guard Belo.

A curiosity about this series is that for viewing in Brazil the dubbing was done by Lima Duarte and the city's history, New York, was replaced by Brasilia.

Sylvester (Sylvester and Tweety)

Part of the Looney Tunes gang, this animation depicts the famous feud between cats and birds. Sylvester is a black and white cat, with red snout, mouth spitting and wants at any cost to feed. He is best known for the animated series Sylvester and Tweety, where tries at all costs to eat the yellow bird and ends up giving wrong. Occasionally, however, the target of Sylvester's Mexican mouse speedy Gonzales. In both cases Sylvester always evil and end up making a big mess, failing to make the meal I wanted.

Cheshire (Alice in Wonderland)

There is no one who has watched the feature film of Alice in Wonderland and haven't been simply intrigued by the Cheshire Cat. Despite being part of the wide range of characters who come into contact with Alice throughout history, Cheshire is one of what is in the imagination of the people.

He appears to Alice in the middle of the forest and is one of the few characters that actually establishes a conversation with her, trying to explain (even if in a distorted and complex) which is the place where Alice is. He belongs to the Queen, and appears a few more times during the story. Something that is very important to highlight on the Cheshire is the ability to disappear or leave visible only parts of your body, and move from one place to another.

Puss in boots

Is the main character of a fairy tale of the Frenchman Charles Perrault that became very popular. Despite having already been adapted for the cinema and for television, the most popular is the animation movie of 2011, who won thanks to the popularity that reached making appearances in the movies Shrek.

Is a cat who dresses with boots, hat, sword and Cape. He is a fugitive of Justice and knows how to steal. After his partner was arrested, he rethinks on life and decides to turn vigilante, while end up making a plan to get money to pay your debt and partner with the society through a large theft.

Figaro (Pinocchio)

A kitten puppy that makes the company Geppetto before Pinocchio come alive. It's a curious kitten and clumsy, but very sensitive and companion. He participates in some scenes in the film produced by Walt Disney Pictures, taking a secondary role.

Figaro is also well known for animated series Figaro and Cleo, where its owner is a woman who's always cleaning the House. He tries in every way to get Cleo, a golden bananafish, which sits in a bowl on the table. Their relationship is lighter than in other drawings in that style, in the end they are always encouraged to make peace by the Lady.

Leaving the focus of animations, but still maintaining the line of being a cat design, brought also a bonus in the list that could not miss:

Hello Kitty

A bonus on the list to mention the world's most famous cat. Japanese creation, Hello Kitty was created by a designer for stamping products and clothes. Was most famous among the girls and today is one of the world's most famous designs.

Hello Kitty won some film adaptations and television with an appeal far more childish than the other drawings of cats from the list. She relates to other characters created at the same time as her and lives a few adventures. Kitty also won famous video game, which shows that your brand can present on any platform or content possible currently.