Tips for Training Kittens

Start small and simple; practice; turn training into play time

We Don't Need no Stinkin' Alpha!

Basing your relationship with your dog on being the "alpha"

Taking Care of a Pregnant Queen

The gestation period of a cat usually lasts 63 to 64 days

Potty Training Tips

There are many different ways to potty train your dog


They too have the ability to generate heat within their bodies to keep warm, and like birds, they are described as endotherms, although they have hair on their bodies rather than feathers. Mammals, with a very few Antipodean exceptions, all reproduce by giving birth to live young, rather than laying eggs. There is an intimate connection, called the placenta, through which the female nourishes her offspring during the gestation period, up until they are born. The young are then suckled for a variable period afterwards. Rodents are by far the most numerous order within the class Mammalia, with many species having a very high reproductive rate. By contrast, long-lived, bigger mammals have few offspring.



Domestic cats are scientifically known as Felis silvestris catus or simply as Felis catus. Domesticated cats are likewise referred to as house cats or simply as cats. In historic times, cats were valued for their capability to hunt household pests like mice. But nowadays, cats are more valued as beloved pets, rather than for their ability to hunt vermin.

Domestication of cats can be traced as far back as 7500 ВС. Contrary to popular belief, cat domestication did not occur during Egyptian times where cats were considered as cult animals—recent evidence points to Neolithic era.

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Dogs have been with us for a very long time. Our need for these fantastic creatures stems from our historic requirements to have assistants in herding, hunting and guarding. In other words, helping us to survive and evolve.

We know dogs share a lot of DNA with wolves native to the Middle East and later mixed with Chinese Wolves which suggests this is where domestications of dogs began. Evidence also suggests that the species split some 100 thousand years ago but it remains unclear as to how much of this is to do with humans. Indeed it seems that the domestication process was a long one, which some suggest may be as far back as 35,000 years ago - the real story is still not conclusive. Clues of dog domestication story come from ancient remains found in European archaeological sites dating back to some 30,000 years ago. Some have skulls which have a resemblance to domestic dogs whilst others are more like wolves. These are often referred to as European Palaeolithic Dogs.

Dog Breeds

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